Co-op Studio

Music Studio in Humboldt Park

Co-op music space in Humboldt Park

Be inspired, get creative

A comfortable environment that melts away distractions and focuses your creative mind. Sometimes a place just feels right, and that can make all the difference.


Join a community of creative musicians! Learn more about our co-op membership.

Higher Quality Space

100% private, acoustically treated, ultra-quiet music space with well-maintained gear. There are absolutely NO neighboring bands and NO distractions of any kind. You will be the only musicians in the building and you'll hear the difference. No tip toeing around your apartment studio!

Acoustically treated

Slapback and flutter echoes make it almost impossible to hear yourself and other musicians with clarity. Our rooms are acoustically treated with rigid OC 703 fiberglass and ultratouch insulation, which enhances clarity of bass response and eliminates unwanted echoes and room resonances.