CHICAGO EQUINIX: 60 Hz Audio Noise will Travel 792 miles


Sept 24th, 2010, 7pm - midnight

Oct 1st, 2010,  7pm - midnight

Oct 10, 2010, 9pm-midnight (as part of the Chicago Calling Festival and Chicago Artists Month!)



Soapbox Music

1612 N Sawyer, Chicago, IL


BzZz... It is a noise most sound engineers and musicians despise, and it is often heard during sound checks at every rock club in the nation. But what if this buzzing sound was the headlining act?


On Sept 24th, Oct 1st, and Oct 10, New York based artist Eric Laska will create and send the sound of a 60 Hz ground hum from his New York studio to Chicago, a distance of 792 miles.  The 60 Hz hum is an instantly familiar sound to musicians and to almost anyone that has dealt with audio electronics in the past 100 years. While often being an annoying and frustrating sound for many, it has rarely been explored as a sound worthy of merit.  Eric Laska seeks to elevate the self-esteem of this "noise" by sending it on a journey from New York to Chicago, and taking the time to ensure proper equalization and spatialization of the sound so the listener can experience the fullness and richness of what most people immediately try to eliminate or ignore. Deep listeners take note: digital artifacts, warm tubes, local interference, phase accidents. A global take on a profoundly local phenomenon.


Eric Laska is a New York based artist working in the realms of sound and digital media. He is co-founder of the electroacoustic rar record label with Reed Rosenberg as well as a mainstay of the internet collective Double Happiness. He has engineering credits for The Depreciation Guild album, "In Her Gentle Jaws". More about Eric Laska (CV)


Soapbox Music is an arts incubator for independent musicians in Chicago. They provide affordable rehearsal and recording facilities, regular workshops, events, and residency opportunities for independent musicians in the Chicago area.


Farsheed Hamidi-Toosi
Soapbox Music
1612 N Sawyer, Chicago, IL, 60625


Photo credit: Andrea Sanders

Things overheard at the 60 Hz installation:

‎"It's oddly

"It messes with my ears, my sense of

"I can feel it in my head if I stand right here..."

like walking below power lines..."

"The bass frequencies disappear in this